CNC profile cutting in Bangalore

Alongside superior quality products, Mallar Group is known for the state-of-the-art technology. We stay updated with the technology and strive to implement the same in our fabrication process to meet the ever-growing market requirements. Mallar Group specializes in CNC profile cutting in Bangalore.

The term ‘CNC’ sounds interesting! Isn’t it. A CNC profile cutter utilizes plasma and or oxy-fuel cutting technology to cut through the metal.


Matching the technological advancement

CNC profile cutting services with its innovative vision have now captured the market and are one of the most efficient profile cutting technologies. CNC profile cutting uses an inert gas which is blown at high speed to form an electrical arc on the surface being cut, the plasma moves very fast to make the cut.

Mallar Group is a pioneer in CNC profile cutting in Bangalore and caters to small and big metal cutting projects.

Salient features of CNC cutting:

  • Minimum maintenance with maximum, precise cutting
  • Powerful system
  • Innovative and faster way