Heavy plate rolling in Bangalore

Mallar Group is among the few who offer heavy plate rolling in Bangalore. With our state-of-the-art hydraulic press and the latest machines, we are capable of processing steel plate of up to one inch in thickness, to within 1/100th of an inch in accuracy. We have extensive experience with heavy plate rolling and this makes us the preferred choice in the industry.


Precise heavy plate rolling solution

Our milling and machining shop offers hundreds of welding procedures to weld almost any type of material. Plate rolling can produce a large number of objects like cones, helical shapes, While there are countless applications of rolled plates, here’s the list of the major ones- metal duct work, stacks, molds, machine housings, piping, and bridges, etc.

A few specifications that can produce amazing results are that a narrow width plate entering the machine produces a thicker plate. Moreover, the type and grade of the material significantly define dimensions and radii of the product. Big or small, Mallar group has the experience and expertise to deliver heavy plate rolling in Bangalore on time and with superior quality.