Mild steel plates and slabs supplier

Mallar Group has emerged as the one-stop mild steel plates and slabs supplier. We control all steps of delivery from supplier to end user. Guided by the philosophy to produce safe and sustainable products, we are a leading Mild steel Angles Channels Suppliers in Bangalore. We supply steel plates and slabs customized to your requirement.


Appreciating the machinability of steel

Steel is one of the widely preferred metals for industrial applications, primarily because of its unique properties- easy machinability, weldability and flexibility. Owing to these, we, at Mallar Group, fabricate and supply mild steel plates and slabs for various industrial applications like Railway bridges, Automation, forging and more. For over years, we have been meeting the changing demands of the steel industry and cater to myriad steel and related products based on our customers’ demands.

We offer a full range of mild sheets and plates to meet your simplest needs to your most sophisticated applications. As a leading producer and mild steel plates and slabs supplier, we specialize in abrasion-resistant, high-tensile steels to offer an extensive and top-quality product range.