Plate leveling & Bending in Bangalore

Excellence cannot be bought; it is a quality that is developed over years. Mallar Group has been engineering excellence since its inception by creating state-of-the-art steel components and products. We specialize in plate leveling and bending in Bangalore. Our plate bending machines deliver high performance, low-maintenance cost and greater durability steel plates.


Engineering excellence

Our fabrication unit and machining shop have all certified and state-of-the-art machines. Our quality and manufacturing excellence is displayed in each plate leveling and bending product that we manufacture. Our products are known for their performance, versatility and reliability- hard to find all features in one product.

Our plate leveling machine offers leveler range up to three decimal places with a leveling gap control. This ensures that our products are consistently good and even removes cut-outs. Mallar Group stands for such uniqueness and is well-known for plate leveling and bending in Bangalore.

What Mallar Group has in store for you:

  • Highly accurate edge-bending (before and after rolling)
  • Versatile products
  • Various shapes