Roll forming companies in India

With years of experience, infrastructure and highly skilled workforce, Mallar Group is a renowned roll forming companies in India. We use the latest roll forming machine and other equipment. Roll forming machine is ideal for built-up parts with long lengths and in mass amount. We constantly develop innovative designs to serve the best to our clients.


Delivering the best rolling solutions

Roll forming companies in India deploy roll forming machines. But the art is to use the latest technology in the most effective way. We, at Mallar Group, make the most of the latest technology and come with the best-in-class plates.

Roll forming machine works on the principle of successive rollers, wherein flat metal strip is passed between successive pairs of roller. Roll forming m produces long shapes of uniform cross-section.

Applications of roll forming:

  • Real estate
  • Building, construction
  • Office furniture appliance

We look forward to providing value-added high-quality solutions to our clients by utilizing the latest technology and hence maintain our position among the best Heavy plate rolling in Bangalore