Sheet metal industries in Bangalore

As a leading name in the sheet metal industry in Bangalore, Mallar Group confers the high quality of sheet metal products at low rates. We specialize in sheet metal products by providing clients with quality high-value sheet metal products. Situated in Bangalore, we offer manufacturing and trading of sheet metal products.

Our fully-equipped plant spread across 50,000 Sq. Ft. has multiple overhead crane configurations and 10-ton lifting capacity.


Intuitive, attractive and fabricated to perfection

By using contemporary techniques of production, we can deliver sheet metal components in shorter lead time meeting acceptable quality standards. Alongside sheet metal products, we also offer reliable sheet metal works such as Plasma Cutting, CNC Bending and Robotic Welding. Our range of sheet metal works is renowned for their accuracy, reliability and consistency. This makes us stand out in the sheet metal industry in Bangalore.

Applications of sheet metal:

  • Defense and railway
  • Electronic industries
  • Generator canopy
  • Sheet metal casing
  • Cement plant components
  • Acoustic chamber

The sheet metal components are manufactured using highly advanced pressing, casting and other machines.