Steel traders in Bangalore

Being renowned Steel traders in Bangalore, we offer a rich and diversified product portfolio to reckon with. Quality and on-time delivery is the primary motto of Mallar Group.

As a structural steel fabrication and steel trading company committed to quality and client satisfaction, leveraging multifaceted synergies and technologies elevate us at-par with the best Steel traders in Bangalore

Steel traders in Bangalore

Steel traders in Bangalore - Experience and expertise

Cutting-edge innovation, focus on quality of products and business excellence are the hallmarks of the trust the Mallar Group is reckoned with. Our vast experience allows us to manufacture the best-in-class steel products and create realistic trading solutions so that structural steel requirements can take place concurrently and steel fabrication can go hand-in-hand.

For over years, we have been meeting the changing demands of the steel traders industry and cater to myriad steel traders and related products based on our customers’ demands. Being one of the best structural steel fabricators in Bangalore, we specialize in steel products like flat and round rods, round-cornered squares, HEX and coils. These products find application in automobile, forging, railways and other industries.

If you are looking for superior quality steel traders in Bangalore then Mallar Group is your one-stop destination.